Get married in Serbia hassle-free... in one day !
Avoid unnecessary bureaucracy, and marry your loved one from another country without spending days communicating with the authorities or navigating through complex laws.

Prepare the documents we ask you to, send them over, and arrive in Belgrade.
We take care of the rest.

♦ Certified court translation and interpreting services - 10 years’ experience
♦ Tested A-to-Z process and support
♦ Direct communication with the registrar and other public institutions

Your only task is to say YES.

To enter Serbia, you need only a negative PCR test. No 14-day quarantine required !

Why so many foreigners decide to get married in Serbia ?

Every country has a confusing bureaucracy that takes a lot of our precious time. Imagine going from one office to another, just to be sent off to a third one…

While still not getting enough info...

If you don’t know someone who knows someone, you’re doomed to knock on many doors before getting the answers.

Things are no different in Serbia.

Until you meet Spotter.

With us, getting married in Serbia is a lot easier than in any other country in Europe.

♦ In Turkey, a female spouse must change her surname.
♦ Belgium authorities require that you live in Belgium for 3 months prior to marriage

With Spotter as your support in Serbia, you need only *:

♦ A court-certified translation of your passport and your birth certificate
♦ A Certificate of No Impediment (CNI)
♦ Interpreter services at the registrar’s office

That’s it.

After paying the one-time agency fee and visiting the registrar, the whole procedure is over!

*Please note: Requirements can vary depending on the country of origin. Please contact us before planning your trip, so we could check do you need anything else.
2 documents
2 administrative fees
1 agency fee
All languages

What Spotter does for you

Getting married abroad is a lot easier when you have the right support.

As professional court translators and interpreters, we have helped many foreigners to achieve their business and personal goals in Serbia.

Marriage and opening a business being two of them.

When cooperating with us, you get:

♦ Preparation of the required documentation in cooperation with the registrar
♦ Court-certified translation of the documentation
♦ Scheduling the wedding at the registrar’s

♦ Interpretation services at your wedding
♦ Handling the issuing of the Marriage Certificate
♦ Translation of the Marriage Certificate if required
♦ Support if document Apostilling is required

How the process of getting married as a foreigner in Serbia looks like

Thanks to our communication and long cooperation with the authorities (registrars, lawyers, public institutions...)...

Pretty straightforward, so you don’t waste any energy, time, or money on the most special day in your life.

1. Contact us. We agree on terms and requirements.

2. We communicate with the registrar and authorities on your behalf.

3. You arrive in Belgrade, have a wedding, and receive a marriage certificate.


Easy as getting married in Vegas.

… Focus on your spouse, not administration.


Since the requirements can vary depending on the country you’re coming from, we suggest that you contact us first.

Our agency takes a one-time, transparent fee.

No hidden costs or small printed letters.

Get a no-obligation quote
… or just ask us about the whole process

Happy couples who got married in Serbia with Spotter’s help

Outstanding customer care.
They translated our documents and worked as interpreters at our wedding. We felt supported all the way,
from making sure we have the right documents (from Germany and India) to making sure
everything goes nice and smooth at the wedding. We could have not been happier!

Get to know Serbia !

You might have heard something (or nothing) in the media of Serbia…
But the first thing you’ll notice is that we’re warm, kind and that we whole-heartedly
welcome all foreigners into our country.

Enjoy your stay and don’t forget to try our specialties like rakija, ajvar, ćevapi.

… and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.